The story of Pro Gaming Tech started in 2018 in a basement. The idea back then was just to supply the gaming community with reliable, affordable, and durable mechanical keyboards.

Never has it been so easy to buy mechanical keyboards, mechanical keyboard parts and other gaming accessories of the highest quality and at unbeatable prices.

As an avid gamer, having gaming accessories of the highest quality is imperative for your gaming experience.

Let’s take membrane keyboards; for example, they are decent, but in terms of durability, feedback, versatility, precision and speed, a lot is still left to be desired. Sure, membrane keyboards are cheap, but using them means you will give up on versatility, faster and more accurate typing, quicker response time, premium functionalities, and durability.

Your best bet would be to get a mechanical keyboard. These types of keyboards are specialized for gaming. They use mechanical switches with metal springs underneath keycaps to actuate the switch and make sure that the keycap goes back up again when you press them. And for gamers, this feature is essential because you want your keyboard to respond as quickly as possible while at the same time; you don’t want your switches to wear out quickly as is the case with membrane keyboards that use rubber domes.

And that’s where Pro Gaming Tech comes in, to provide you with an endless supply of premium mechanical keyboards, mechanical keyboard parts and other gaming accessories at prices you will not find elsewhere. Unlike our competitors, we are a team of pro gamers with years of experience in the gaming industry, and we know how frustrating it is to find a reliable gaming accessory company with products of the highest quality.

Pro Gaming Tech isn’t just a company that sells gaming accessories; we sell an experience to our customers, we see our customers as partners, and we go over and beyond to make sure that our products exceed all expectations.

At Pro Gaming Tech, our mantra is “customer comes first,” as such, we are big on communication, we reply to questions and inquiries about our products or any other related questions promptly.

Further, as a true sign of our commitment and devotion to you our customer, Pro Gaming Tech will, from time to time reveal for free, certain tips and hacks that you can use to improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your gaming accessories.

Don’t take our word alone for it, ask other gamers like yourself, or look us up online. Since we have opened our doors, we have had the privilege of supplying thousands of folks with gaming accessories of the highest quality. In fact, over 75 percent of our business today is from happy customers that bought from us in the past.

We are gamers just like you, and we are all about creating an experience. From the moment you land on our website, you will sense that feeling of oneness, a common ground that you are collaborating with a company of gamers that has your best interest at heart.

Our products’ quality is unrivalled, our commitment to you is unmatched, and now it’s your turn to share in this experience and become one of our thousands of happy customers in the U.S.